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Is it very difficult to make your own baby ...

Is it very difficult to make your own baby blankets and pillow cases if you have access to a sewing machine? I have a sewing machine available I have just never tried to use it but I keep finding the cutest material for baby blankets!

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It is so easy to make a baby quilt. You buy cotton fabric for kiddies -- 40 inches of material for the back, and enough for 25 six-inch squares -- and wash it in non-allergenic baby soap and let it dry. Buy cotton batting and embroidery thread that matches the fabric for the tufts at the end.

Lay out the squares in a pattern of 5 rows, with 5 per row. Gather up row one from top to bottom. Pin together with a pin and a slip of paper marked "1". Gather up rows 2-5 and pin the numbers on each of the rows. Sew one row together and sew the others; keep the number on the end of the row. Don't remove the slips of paper until all the squares are sewn together. Iron the rows. Sew the rows together to form a square. Iron.

Lay out the backing material. Lay the filling on the backing material. Take the 30" square of 25 squares sewn together and lay it on the filling.

Fold one end over filling -- fold edge under, and pin. Fold opposite side. Fold two other sides, carefully pinning corners so they don't bunch.

Seam, using zig-zag stitch from one end to another, on side with long seam. Seam opposite side. Seam two other sides. May use same color thread or contrasting color thread. Sew edges of long seams with straight stitch so the stuffing won't come out.

Make tufts at the corner of each of the squares, using embroidery thread. Lind up tufts on backing. Tie and triple knot each tuft.

Cut two layers of batting about 3" larger all around the sewn squares.

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You received an excellent answer (thumb up auntjoan).   I would like to add several comments:
1.  Don't be afraid.  Go for it !.
2.  Even if you fail once or twice (it happened to each
     one of us !) it is only a lesson we learn. 
3.  You can't learn to ride a horse without falling at least 
     one time. 
4.  Thnk more of the satisfaction and not on the possible 
5.  Give a big hug to your baby from me (tell the baby I'll
     lite a candle for him in Nazareth or Beit-Lehem and pray
     for him / her). 
G-d bless you. 

Love is the battery of life....

It is very easy to make a blanket for baby.  You can buy fabric on line or at your local quilt shop.  Patterns are also available.

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