Black / White Penis Size Difference?

Alright, serious question here. Do black guys really have bigger penises (than us white guys)? I'm asking because, while I always thought it was a myth, any time I happened to notice, it seemed to be pretty much the case. I'm thinking it has got to be some kind of shower/grower phenomenon or something though. There is probably no need for any raunch here, or for anybody to get their feathers ruffeled. Just honest answers would be great. Also, is their any science to back this up either way? Thanks,
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I know that some surveys have been done on this subject, however i can't quote anything specific. I think it was  part of a Kinsey report. I also remember reading a report about measurements that were taken on people being drafted into the US army. The bottom line as far as I recall of these surveys was that the average is the same for all men regardless of race color or religion. However the black guys had a wider range (meaning that there were substantially more big ones, but also more small ones).


Thanks for sharing your info. What you say, could make sense. It could be those "big guys" that everybody does sort of a double take, or who aren't shy about them, that people see, and what causes the stereotype.

I do remember growing up though, the black guys did have bigger penises - which of course was explained by the "fact" that black guys were bigger on the very few ocasions the topic was broached. I came to believe this was a load of crap though, as I got older, except for when I happened to an example of it, for example at the gym or in the case of a few friends of mine.

(Being grown up, we haven't talked about it)


My penis size is 7 inches and about 6 inches ingirth is that above normal??

Size has very little to do with loving a woman, so don't buy that hype, that bigger is better BS. A woman's Heavenly jewel, the clitoris, is up close and well within range of any man's Penis,fingers and tongue.Sex isn't about length, It's about two couples love bonding strength.

Bullshit, Doug. If you were a woman and you had a choice between a man who had a 4 inch dick and a man who had a 7 inch dick with no other difference between the two, who would you pick? The guy with the 7 inch dick, of course. Size does matter to women. It's not the ONLY thing that matters, [foreplay is a big part of sex for a woman] but it does, without dispute, matter.


Women tend to tell men it doesn't matter to quell their insecurities. There's no reason to be insecure about something you can't help, something that you were born with and can't change naturally. [Though viagra and maybe a pump or something along the lines could help.]


And I thought studies went against the stereotype and said that the average white dude's penis was bigger than the average black dude's. Hmm.

I agree that that woman do perfer a big cock compared to a smaller one. I am white and am above average 7 x2 so it is only a myth that black men's cocks are larger than whites.

i think that myth is bs because most of the record penis are white not black so u can take that myth and shove it


Some people like to say that size does not matter but techniques does... Obviously if one has size and technique, then they are better off than technique alone.

And yes Black men have bigger... but during the cotton field slavery, white women were made to fear going at it with black men because the whites were afraid that if the women taste chocolate, they would be addicted and leave caramel...

They therefore said if white women sleep with black men, they would bleed and have wide viginas and that the white men will notice and repremant the women...

Get the jist!!!

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