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HOW DO WE STOP BLACKMAGIC. Is there any way I can find some one to stop blackmagic.

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Black Magic is pretty much a misnomer.  There is Magic.  It can be  used for either good or evil.  The rule of three works in either case, in that whatever one does comes back to him/her three times over.  To sort of answer your question, one would 'stop' black magic by not participating in it.

I don't know how to stop black magic, but you can protect yourself, by placing salt and a nail, (your finger neails will also do), and placing them in the four corners of the room! This will stop all evil from entering that room.


Also, reciting gods prayers will also help protect you from Black magic. Reciting gods prayers is known as White Magic; (white meaning good).

I'm not sure I understand your question.  I don't know whether you mean, a) how do we stop black magic in the sense of a sort of political cause, such as, "How do we stop abortion?, or, b) individually, how do you stop an act of black magic against you, personally?  Politically speaking, I don't think society will ever be able to stamp out black magic through, for instance, law making.  However, there are ways to protect yourself from black magic.  I cut and edited one of my answers to another yedda question about black magic and pasted it here for your benefit.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need further help.

My advice to you, or anyone else suspecting that they are victims of black (I prefer the term, "malicious") magic is this: In most cases, the magician and victim know one another.  If not, then the victim can probably guess who in his/her social circle has employed a magician to perform a magical operation in his/her behalf.  Malicious magic is all about fear.  It consists of intimidation methods that rely on the conscious use of, "suggestion."  The way to handle it is to be fearless and to make yourself, "unsuggestable."  In order for malicious magic to work, the victim must take the magician SERIOUSLY.  Also, practitioners of malicious magic get some sort of kick out of watching their victims squirm.  So.  Identify the source of the magic.  Break all ties with this person whatsoever.  Eliminate them from your social circle altogether (not by killing them, please).  And, concentrate your mental activities elsewhere.  Don't even allow yourself to think about them.  If you cannot put them out of your mind, then DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!  LAUGH AT THEM AS HARD AS YOU CAN AT HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THEY ARE FOR ACTUALLY BELIEVING THAT THEY CAN CAST SOME SORT OF SPELL ON YOU!  In the back of every magician's mind (white or black) is a shadow of doubt as to whether or not magic really works.  EXPLOIT THIS WEAKNESS!  Laughter is the most effective way of disarming a malicious magician.  Laughter raises and amplifies this shadow of doubt in the magician's mind and sabotages their work.  Additionally, it degrades their magical work (which they take VERY seriously) and takes away all of the morbid pleasure they derive from it.  Also, when the magician sees that you do not take him/her seriously, he/she will abandon you as a suitable subject or victim of his/her magic.  So, laugh your ass off at them!  
Firmly establish your own personal authority over the malicious magician.  People who practice intentional malice (magical, or otherwise) usually have some rather deep seated emotional/psychological problems (ie. they are mentally ill).  EVOKE PITY IN YOUR HEART FOR THEM!  Acknowledge your superiority over them because you are mentally healthy and they are mentally ill.  PITY THEM!  If the malicious magician is a member of your social circle and you are able to communicate with them, then, TELL THEM WITH UTMOST KINDNESS AND COMPASSION IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU ARE VERY WORRIED ABOUT THEM AND THEIR MENTAL HEALTH BECAUSE THEIR BEHAVIOR IS COMPLETELY ABNORMAL.  THEN RECOMMEND A GOOD PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR TO THEM.  When the magician perceives that you think he/she, "has a screw loose," then he/she will also abandon you as a suitable subject.      
If you cannot establish your own authority over a malicious magician, then BORROW AUTHORITY.  In the occult, we speak of, "The Christ Force."  We acknowledge Jesus Christ as a symbol for all that is good and pure and invoke the power of his goodness and purity for the purpose of banishing evil.  Darkness (malicious magic) cannot exist in, "The Light:" as St. John analogized Jesus in his Gospel.  Recite an incantation against the malicious magician either to the magician's face or while you are alone, such as: "By the power vested in me by the Christ, whom I serve with all my heart, GET THEE HENCE!" 

Remember.  If you are a victim of malicious magic, it is because your mind is open to, "suggestion."  Therefore, do whatever you need to do to make yourself, "unsuggestable."  A practitioner of black magic is nothing more than a bully: just the mental kind.  It is said with a great deal of truth that, "Inside every bully is the heart of a coward."  So, deal with a practitioner of malicious magic the same way you would deal with any other bully/coward and you'll be just fine.  The most important thing is to break all contact.  If the magician cannot see the results of his work, then what's the point of him doing it?  Good Luck!              

If it is powerful black magic you will be sick and poor and miserable no matter what you do or how hard you try on your own. Find a holy man (vedic guru) from India and they can help you. Do EXACTLY what they say. Even when you feel better continue to do what they say. Good luck.

I do bellive in it,  because when I was little, someone told me to say many words, I think it was a chant, but whatever it was, it killed me little sister. Cry, I feel so bad these days I feel like killing myslef sometimes. I can't quite remember wut the chant was becuse it was 7 years ago but I think it went some thing like "i see you, but you shouldn't see me, so i banish thee, into the next gravyard I see!" and see started chocking, she did and said this: "wanna play now?" (all of of a suddin she made the choking noise after i chanted) "COUGH COUGH" "sisy, wut did you.... do..... (having troble breathing)....to........me....." then she dropped to her knees.... and wanna know the last thing I did and said? I said "IHATE YOU" "YOUR ALWAYS THE GOOD ONE IN THIS FAMILY ARENT YOU"! and then I hit her, and i kicked her on the floor.CryCryCry.....  days later I became sick and almost died, and thats how I remember all this. SO REMEMBER, DONT DO WUT EVERY SAYS (unless its your parents or your gurdiens)Smile

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