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How are you suppose to 'cheer up' to great the mob ...

How are you suppose to 'cheer up' to great the mob of people for black Friday when you wanted to celebrate your Thanksgiving with family that lived 100 miles away and you get 2 hours of sleep. And are forced to work it becuase the other 3 managers in which have been their longer than you have already requested it off?!

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You take your lumps and pay your dues.  Grin and bear it... whining about it won't change a thing.  Someday, somewhere you will have senority over someone else and they'll have to pay their dues.

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Sometimes we have to do things we don't like to in our professional careers, but in order for us to move up we have to pay our dues, which you have to do since the other staff has seniority over you and already requested their leave. More than that, you have to behave professionally at times when you are angry or frustrated, as in this circumstance. Being professional and cooperative can help you to move up in your career, but sulking and acting unprofessional (or grumpy) to customers will definitely be a mark against you. As the other poster wrote, you have to grin and bear it and understand that dues paying - no matter how aggravating - is what is involved in any job, including your preferred career. You have to do the grunt work before you can rise to the top. And remember, one day you will be giving this same advice to someone younger than you in 20 years, so learn the lesson wisely and smile as best you can.

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