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Why did BJ Vavasseur leave Jimmy Swaggart Ministries?

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BJ had been there for 20 years and yet NONE of the Swaggarts in any way said any public good-bye to her or even acknowledged her leaving.  That would mean it is safe to say that BJ must have offended them by something.  Usually it is the TRUTH that offends the Swaggarts - the truth about them and/or their business (which Frances calls just that - a "business", and rightly so).

It's amazing that BJ lasted as long there as she did.  No one can survive the Payton Place that JSM in actuality is without hardening their heart to look the other way or simply being blind and naive. 

The fact that BJ has finally left would point to a desire to be bolder with the real Truth of the Gospel and no longer under their bondage to cover-ups, lies, and aberrations of the Word of God.

Hopefully BJ will continue to seek the One who touched her life so many years ago.  She has finally walked away from a man-centered, man-dictated organization which no doubt hindered her walk and ministry.  Working for a cult that long would stunt anyone's spiritual growth.


Go to BJ Vavasseur's facebook page and look for her comment on January 27 you will find HER answer.....not anything that is speculation.

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