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How to know if your bisexual

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well first off have you been with the same sex before?If so then you to much still like the same opposite sex to to be bi if not your gay.

well i tryed it but it felt odd

generally bisexuality is defined and enjoying sex and fantasizing about sex with both sexes.

it can be hard to tell for some people and it may take a lot of experimenting.

in some cases people can be sexualy attracted to members of the same sex but not romanticaly attracted. as in i dont want a relationship i just wanna fuck you.

to me i define true bisexuality as having relationships with both sexes. but i may be wrong.

i know straight guys who live a straight life but have admited to me at one time or another they fantasised about other guys. and i know a few straight guys who are straight until they get drunk lol

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