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Birthday present for my boyfriend

What do I give my boyfriend for his birthday? I want it to be sweet, but am walking on eggshells since he said that he loves me and I haven't said it back.

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a safe bet is to give him a cd featuring his favorite group or genre of music. he is sure to think of you anytime he listens to it. also a cd is not a commitment gift.

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take a pack of cards and staple 4 cards ( Ace, 7, 3 and Queen) to make it look like love. like the picture here http://itwasntlove.blogspot.com/search/label/Love%20in%20pictures

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Showing someone you love him is easy. How about you make him something, I think he will really appreciate a hand made  present from you. Try a set of photos  or some album. If you really want something more meaningful try a pet maybe. 

well all depends on how you feel back.

hate to say it but presents do say a lot, i am male and in the past have bought G/F's who i didn't feel strongly about shampoo and smelly stuff, but my G/F now (who i quite like.... ok a lot!) i bought jewellery. this could be the same for you at the moment although men are not usually so perceptive as women.

if you feel strongly about him but don't want to say "the word" why go for meal with something nice that he can keep, wallet, necklace, even a top.

if not why not just go to cinema and get a CD or something funny or even a scuba diving taster session.

i'm sure whatever you get will be great, as long as he is with you he'll be happy i'm sure! good luck 

regret is full of missed opportunities.......

If you take my advice, boys don't give as much importance to material gifts as girls do. Boys need something with a personal touch. And of-course cost does not matter to us.

So a good gift for your boy should be perhaps a self knit sweater or may be your self cooked recipe like baked cookies for that matter .. think of some innovative gift suggestions for your boyfriend and not the usual stuff..

Set him free,if you didn't tell him you love him ,and he said it to you. He will thank you someday. He can go out and find someone worthwhile.

Visit a local pawn shop and purchase a masculine gold chain with a religious symbol, or something that depicts something of your school.  Another idea is to get your customized photo of you on a dog-tag plate or something of that nature.  Anyone of these choices makes the birthday memorable, and I'm sure he'll always remember as he ages.  Especially if he's soon to be 18.

I'll search, while you wait.

Wish him on his birthday with beautiful birthday cards. Gift him his favorite sports magazine or electronic gadgets according to his passion. Take him out for the whole day. Then go for a lovely candle lit dinner for two. Don't you think the evening is already very special.

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