Grandson to turn 12 next month. I am thinking money is the way to go for a gift at this age. Any thoughts on this?

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buy solar energy syocks

Hi Martin, Thank you for your answer. I don't know what those are.

Charter member of S.N.O.T.S. Smokey Snotsbear

money is always good but at age 12 anything with a moror or engine good luck jon

If you want it done and done right the first time do it yourself

jon, yeah, I do believe boys of this age (or anyone for that matter) like money. As for the motors and engines, that is not my area.

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maybe video games but not good for there brains or gift certifacate and a day out with grandma,and or grandpa

If you want it done and done right the first time do it yourself

He's got enough video games as far as I can see (although they keep coming up with more). When time allows, there will be a "special day" out with "Maya" aka grandmother.

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a savings bond for twenty five dollars and a happy birthday canrd with twenty five in it. this is what i have done for tyler eadh birthday that was he is helping to save for his education old fashioned huh

Good idea beckymae.

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