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looking for birth parents. I was born in Minneapolis MN on June 10, 1970. My mother's name was Cheryl. Anyone with info please email me at Thanks, Eric

If you are looking for birth certificates of your parents, sometimes you can obtain this information from your own city, however, it is not required that they maintain all of these records. If they are 75 or older, you will probably find out that this is the only place you can obtain your records. This is due to the state’s rules on only keeping files that are from the early 1900?s and on. This can be a win-lose situation for those older individuals that live within a rural area. Many times local copies of records have been ruined due to floods, fires, and other types of natural disasters. Some have found that the only place to locate their information due to this reason is in their own family bible. Keep in mind that these types of family records have been accepted due to the loss of your official documents due to these types of disasters.

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