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Birth contol Pill & DHEA

Can women on birth control pills take DHEA?

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Is it possible to get pregnant if you forget to take your birth control

to irun2much you dont know people lives and you dont know there back ground so you make an idiotic statement saying if you cant remember to take the pill you dont need to be having sex. since you have all these questions concerning peoples reasons for taking birth control how about you question why ...

How will the Pill affect a woman if she uses it for a long time?

i'm trying to figure it out why I cannot get pregancy that I've been trying and trying.. for the last 5 years. Because I have been using the birth control for 4 years before I stopped it. Please help me and figure if birth control cause it?

I have been on birth control for almost a year now ...

It sounds like you are having Breakthrough Bleeding (not menses) which is not uncommon with women using hormonal contraception sometimes, especially when skipping or taking the pill late. Just continue taking your remaining pills on time, daily, and use a backup method for the following week. The ...

Having Sex and then taking the pill

marylou who taught you about sex.the answer is yes.If you don't know an answer like that you should not be having sex