Where do birds go to die, and how long does a common songbird live?

Where do birds go to die? You never see one "drop out of the sky" or dead on the ground unless hit by a car or something, yet there are millions of birds. Also, how long does a bird usually live?

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I've seen them drop out of the sky. When I used to go hunting. But if a bird is that sick, it won't be flying. They don't go anywhere to die, they just die where they are. You don't see many because they're eaten very quickly by predators or scavengers, and being small, they decay very quickly.


As far as how long they live, the truth is, no one's really sure. It's very hard to follow a flock of birds to find out really. Some as short as two or three years. Some of the pet type birds like cockatoos and such can live 80 or 100 years.

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