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I am getting calls from a collection agency saying I owe AOL money. It seems that when I stopped my payments on my paid service contract AOL still wants to bill me (?). I stopped paying because I no longer wanted the service. I did not receive any service. Why are you billing me for service I do not want. Friends make fun of me because I still have AOL. They tell me to go to Gmail or Yahoo. You make money by selling ads. Yesterday I bought a newsletter subscription from one of your ads and last month I bought cigars. Why don't you contact your accounting dept and let them know not to keep billing people when they choose to turn off their payments. Sounds like a simple solution to me.

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Just ignore them and they will go away.

When you signed up for a contract you agreed to pay.  If you don't want AOL any more, you need to cancel.  Otherwise they will keep trying to collect for monthly service.  They can sue you for payment.  They can report you to the credit bureaus for not paying as agreed.

Seems like they have almost certainly sold your debt on to a collection agency. These chancers pay around 10% (sometime only 5%) of the debt from the original supplier. Write to then under the freedom of information  act and demand details of what they paid for your debt. If for instance AOL claim you owed them £100, these guys probably paid AOL £10 max. 

The only problem is these crooks mess up your credit rating and the likes of Experien and Equifax care little. Best advice is to pay £10 for a credit report, but make sure you put in writing that any complicated terminology is explained in plain English, they have to abide by this request by law.

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