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What do you think of this theory? Is it just a bunch of rubbish? Or are the conspiracists on to something?

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Check out Barbra Marx Hubbard on YouTube and her Concious Evolution  prophecy for 2012. She has ties to the Bush family through her wealthy oil capitalist brother Louis Marx Jr. and ties to Daniel Ellsberg via her sister ( husband ) and Erlichman of Watergate fame via her brother again. Her daughter is a well paid activist in Canada trying to destroy a viable Canadian Industry with money from the Pew, Packard and Moore foundations just to name a few. According to Hubbard the people who don't follow the antichrist in 2012 will be killed and a new world order will take control. See her videos on YouTube and view her daughter Alexandra Morton as well. The wealthy  have influence. Anythings possible isn't it ?

Likely to suooirt pro choice (death)


when someone is trying to control the our lives, our thoughts and our way of living,i believe the bildberg theroy does exist and is bei ng played out in the U.S.

I have found that those preferring to deny, (or ignore), the existence of a shadow force that dictates human events from behind the scenes are not likely to grasp, (or confront), a number of inescapeable realities.

The US enjoys a disproportionate economic and military superiority on the world stage. Could this be by accident, or is it more likely that nefarious, secretive and immensely effective coersive agendas are being pursued?

Then you have the unchecked, absurd arrogance of those waving the American flag making equally absurd claims that Americans are smarter, better, harder working - because why? Oh, because they were born American. Or because they drink American water, eat American food or get an American education. Such cognitive dissonance and juvenile assessments are boring. 

When the US comprises less than four percent of the world's population yet consumes over twenty-five percent of the world's resources, some force is at work.

Why then, is it so difficult for so many to grasp that the groups employing the same type of hidden forces that insure such realities on the world stage, wouldn't apply such hidden agendas and techniques to keep the American ruling class in power?

The creation and management of public perceptions is key. The careful control of what you are allowed to know and what goes into your history books dictates what you are to believe - what your to feel. The art and science of the agitprops has never been more important - and governments are second only to organized religion.

Let's do a brief recap of US history, shall we?

Bush will be a hero - the only one that could protect American citizens.

The invasion of Iraq was simply a mistake - but a good idea nonetheless.

Democracy will flourish throughout the middle east.

No one could have anticipated the 911 attacks.

The 911 attacks were unprovoked - largely because they hate our freedoms.

The 911 Commission resolved all aspects and mistakes that lead to the attacks.

The financial catastrophe of 2008 was unforesseen - not at all the well planned and largest legalized robbery/theft in human history.

The US had to go to Vietnam to keep them from gobbling us up.

Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of John F Kennedy.

The US owes Israel any and allunquestioned support, both militarily and economic.

US Federal elected officials are not influenced in their decision making and priorities by the countless millions the receive from lobbyists and special interests.

The Republicans stand for small government and fiscal responsibility.

The Democrats stand for human rights and the common American.

US wage earners are required by law to pay 30 to 40 percent of their earnings in taxes to their government.

All Americans receive equal justice within the legal system.

The US gives more aid to needy countries than other countries.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a complete and unprovoked surprise.

Six million Jews were murdered in German concentration camps, so questioning any aspect of the claim demonstrates racism, bigotry and antisemitism.

The Balfour Declaration, (promising the Jewish people a homeland in Palestine),had nothing to do with drawing the US into WWI.

The sinking of the Lusitania by German U-boats, (the trigger for US involvement in WWI), was not because the ocean liner was illegally carrying arms and no prior warnings were issued.

The predatory banksters had nothing to do with foisting the US federal reserve central banking system upon the unsuspecting American public in 1913.

Woodrow Wilson, (nobel prize winner), was not bribed/coerced in either steering the US into WWI or in allowing the federal reserve's seizure of America's monetary system.

The US civil war was waged over slavery and/or state's rights.

Abraham Lincoln's primary focus was to free the slaves.

The Revolutionary war was fought over taxation without representation.

The Native Americans deserved to be slaughtered en masse because they were primitive and didn't know how to take care of North America.

Ain't American history great?

The best that money can buy.



Is it just a bunch of rubbish


This group has been around too long to just be bullshit (pardon my french).

And too many people know about it, for it to be a secret anymore, so they will grab their chance very soon.

Live....and let live

There is to much evidence to prove conspiricy. The news media just will not talk about it.

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