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What do you think of this theory? Is it just a bunch of rubbish? Or are the conspiracists on to something?

Bilderberg GroupBill Pugliano, Getty Images

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I found the video you mentioned but it doesn't have an 'embed' feature to include the video to the posts.

Here is the actual video you mean tho...

 The video

This account set to be closed.


I apologise. What I was trying to say, and did a bad job of it, was that the tea party's were a great first step. However, it is a very formidable machine that we are now up against, and we are going to need to do it better, bigger, and smarter. 

You know what the sad thing is Truth? A year ago we were free. With all of the BS about Bush tramping on all of the rights of people. Humm? Have I read about the hoards of people whom Bush threw under the Bus. If there had been but one person it would have made the front page of New York Times for days. 

Now with the ability in place for the Obama team to spy on anyone anywhere, we are in deep mud. He will show now restraint. Candy to a baby.

We had a great turnout in West Palm Beach. I am guessing 3,000. I think the paper said 500. 

I just heard where Israel may be getting ready to do the dead. I guess they see the writing on the wall. No help from the old USA, so lets rock and roll before they sell us out. Just a guess, but funny how the time table is now any day or any hour now? I don't blame them. However I can't believe Israel does not want to negotiate with Iran. I mean shucks, we can negotiate for a couple of years, and Tehran is just going to sit idly by. Whatever? 

We need to support our enemy's not our friends. Is that how it works??

Have a good weekend TT4U.


If it is right, it is right! If it is wrong it is wrong. It is our obligation to ourselves to make the proper call. It is the call to truth as we see it, not the truth as others see it.

Confronting an enemy the likes of which have not before been experienced in human history begins with acknowledging its existence - and understanding it's origins, evolution, agendas, motives and methodologies:

The Shadow Government

Trapper, I know what you mean.  All that's going on right now is difficult to fathom.  There can be no Utopia.  Remember reading about the Tower of Babel?  How God confounded the peoples and sent them out into all directions?  There was a reason for that.  And until Christ comes to Earth again, we will never ALL come TOGETHER!  And Christ will call us HOME before HE comes to Earth again!  But people like Rasputin can't understand that.  They are so blinded by their rose-colored glasses that they can't see.  All I can say is get down on our knees and pray like we've never prayed before!

Gonna leave this old world one day soon and fly away Home!

To Sometruth4u re:  "But, hey, it's better that you know the truth, than to live a lie anymore. "


Gonna leave this old world one day soon and fly away Home!

It's buffering it now, nothing will surprise me , I'll get back to you after I see the film. Thank you for this bit of truth. I'm surprised it is showing in so many places, I wonder how long tha twill last that's why I want to see it right away before it is removed.

LL,Truth, M, Dawg,

We have a problem. Let me tell you my fears. Hopefully I am wrong.

Swine Flu. Strange thing that we have a totally NEW mutation. Strange in several aspects. What are the odds that you will have a mutation suddenly appear out of nowhere with 3 different characteristics. Swine, Human, and H1? I am not screaming conspiracy, but am just sitting here wondering how?? 

The second point is listening to the NEW experts across the airwaves. God, these people are scary with their advice. It is almost like following political views, except this thing has the potential to change the dynamics of the world. I do not say this lightly. This is where I am coming from.

I have been following the H5N1 for many years now. Why? Because many years ago I was told by one of the Under Secretaries of Homeland defense the possible outcome of a Pandemic on our way of life. Not only here in the U. S., but globally. His synopsis was only trumped by a Nuclear event. I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with the guy. Dawg, his last name was Ryan if you want to goggle him. He was in the electronics section/computers/science. His son was looking at buying one of my companies. 

This is what scares me. It is very simple. What if this new strain mutates, (STRONG possibility as this has been the fear for years), with the H5N1 that is currently plaguing the near and far east? Check out "birdflubreakingnews.com". This will give you a quick update from non biased reports. If this should occur, and god knows I hope not, we are going to see a world tipped on edge. It will not be pretty. If this occurs we are talking a matter of weeks, not years. History does repeat itself, and we are due. With that being said I am not screaming the sky is falling, but the potential is there if this thing were to mutate with the H5 counterpart, and in turn the more virulent form goes airborne. 

What if this thing is man made? Could this be contrived for all of the fears we have been talking about in this forum? A big what if. Let's say it isn't. Could this be the door that leads to what we all fear? Could this be the catalyst for total government control? What if??

A couple of things the Under Secretary told me that I never forgot. In order to survive this is what he said you will need.

Non Perishables for a year and half.

Fresh water source.

Guns and ammo to protect what is yours.

Gas and stand alone power source for sparatic usage.

That if this thing mutated it would take about 7 to 9 weeks for it's first traverse of the Earth. It would travel the earth three to four times, mutating as it goes, before it burns itself out. Bottom line he said that with the mutations, there would be no real antibodies that could be developed in time.

This man was in the know. At that point he only had two bosses. The director and the president. He was not some conspiracy nut, but simply a man in the know.

I did ask the question as to why we were not receiving any type of education on how to prepare for a possible pandemic. He simply replied that you can not educate on a TOTAl breakdown of all that we know. I am not going to go into the breakdowns that will occur from trucking to computers as you are all very intelligent people.

I guess what I am saying this morning is that Swine/Virus bares very close watching. If the situation worsens a trip to the store, before the masses may not hurt. Communication with loved ones on what ifs is mandatory. Like if schools are put under quarantine and your child is stuck? A lot of what ifs?????

Take care my friends, and hopefully this little blog is for naught.


If it is right, it is right! If it is wrong it is wrong. It is our obligation to ourselves to make the proper call. It is the call to truth as we see it, not the truth as others see it.

Thanks Truth for the information. I guess my thought process isn't that crazy after all.

We will watch, learn, listen, and react accordingly.


If it is right, it is right! If it is wrong it is wrong. It is our obligation to ourselves to make the proper call. It is the call to truth as we see it, not the truth as others see it.

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