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What do you think of this theory? Is it just a bunch of rubbish? Or are the conspiracists on to something?

Bilderberg GroupBill Pugliano, Getty Images

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It's really too bad this got out.  Now it's going to be that much more difficult for us to replace the very undemocratic governemnt of the USA with and equally undemocratic "New-World-Order".  Idiots!

This theory is moronic rubbish typical of the kind of thinking by the minus two+ sigma IQ levels.

What a bunch of crap. Where were these conspiracy jerks when Bush (a real criminal) was in office.

This hveing know for century's but a lot of americans are blinded by stupidity.

I think this is a bunch of bull. I think that if the group only meets once a year, what can they accomplish anway? You know people didn't make as much fuss of Bush's little group. Nor did they make fuss of his association with the Skull and Crossbones group. I think that Obama and some of his choices are rubbing "certain" people the wrong way and all of a sudden, it's "leaked" to the media.

No need to mention Bush in this blog!

No need to mention Bush in this blog!

I have never heard of such bs in all my life.  They must be referring to the Bush administration. 

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