How big is the stomach?

How big is the stomach? I heard that it is about the size of your fist which is hard to believe after such a big thanksgiving meal. How does it digest so much food and does it stretch easily? Is that why I get more hungry sooner after big meals?

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Yes you are right: An empty stomack has a size of a fist (roughly) but it's very elastic...... therefor will enable getting as much as you put in...... Here is a short quote from an article: Even a very obese person's stomach is only about the size of their fist when empty. Stomach's are "elastic" and their stretchability does depend on how much the person normally eats - but the size of your stomach (inside) doesn't have anything to do with having a "pot belly".  
The digestion process is relatively slow and it's a bit unusual that you get hungry soon after having big meals. 
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Good answer from Oron The stomach is a bit like a "hot water bottle" that your grannie would have used to keep herself warm in bed on a cold night - quite small when empty but with a large capacity for expansion

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As said, it is the size of a fist when empty.

As for the last part of the question, you reason why you get hungry after a big meal hasn't got anything to do with the size of the stomach, it has to do with insulin and the way the body process sugars and carbohydrate into energy. It's pretty complicated to explain, but in short, once the sugar level drops, the body feels hungry, so if you have a meal with a lot of starch and sugars - you basically push the sugar level up a lot, then once it's starting to go down, you feel hunger.

The way to avoid it is eat less simple carbs (potato, pasta, sugar ect.) and more complex carbs (brown rice, grains, lentils and so on) those take longer to turn into sugar and so the sugar level isn't going up as fast and you don't feel hungry as soon. Also, if you did have the big meal and you do feel hungry afterwards, don't rush to the fridge - have a cup of unsweetened tea or drink some water instead and the hunger will  go away after a while.

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my stomach is about 70 pounds  when i eat ever thinh go to my stomach

An adult’s stomach holds about 1 liter of food.  A child’s stomach holds a little bit less.  Your stomach gets bigger the more you eat.  A large adult can eat and drink up to 4 liters of food and liquid at one meal!

Rebuild Your Stomach

pople get big stomch sit up for your big bell beucse you need itFrown

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