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Those big conservative mouths still flapping?

Those flappin lyin lips of the Libs/Dems still going strong with a perverted message that the entire world knows is not true?  Still sticking to kowtowin, bowing, brownnosing and kissing Terrorist arse like Marsi who initiated the rousing?

How bout still loving Islam while it is burning not Bushs' face on the flag but Obamas'.  Hey tell ya something?  Wouldn't have happened on Bushs' watch and didn't cause he called a Terrorist a Terrorist.

Hell even those in the Middle East are saying if Ghadafi and Mubarak were still in office none of this would have transpired.

You just keep backin this looser with the loose lips.

Lady Darko

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Ryan been caught in more lies since he was nominated as the republican candidate for vice president. I guess that is why he was nominated he will fit right in. Then all you have to do is watch the right wing Fox opinion news or listen to hate radio because the next time they tell the truth will be the first time. Take these stupid right wing bloggers. They just make things up and then believe their own lies. They create aliases to spread them and think people are stupid enough to believe them and can't tell they are coming from the same person. Ladydarko is a perfect example of that.

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