Big clue here: This is why radical movements are mercilessly mocked. They can win.

Big clue here: This is why radical movements are mercilessly mocked. They can win.

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Yes---it does just get nuttier!

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As if it matters!

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Remember the fact that leftist liberals all scream that their friends are all cop killers or will kill cops All leftists are that way because they are indoctrinated to be hateful, psychotic, and stupid. Well, that explains very clearly why leftist liberals all chant that their hero is Mumia Abu ...

Stand for sanity! Back down the NRA!

Anonymous, some facts, rather than a knee jerk response (yours) are: "Our" armed forces are forbidden by law from operatiing inside the boundaries of the U S A, except when Martial Law has been declared. One of the top Russian generals, tasked with putting down the popular revolt that toppled ...

Sickening! The republicans again!

Yeah, it is sickening. Dems always start wars, they escalate them, get rich by insider trading, get loads of bribes from the enemy, and think we're stupid enough to buy lies only idiot Dems are stupid enough to believe. Yeah, it is sickening but that is only because all Dems are sickening liars.

This is some sickening shit!

'Tis true that leftists are sickening nerds. Their lies and hysteria are for the birds. No one believes leftists or their witless lies. You cannot reduce us to hate whom you despise.