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Joshua, son of Nun, is in the bible. Who was Nun? A priest, etc.? What nationality? What tribe of the 12 tribes was he a descendant of?

Joshua, son of Nun, is in the bible.  Who was Nun?  A priest, etc.? What nationality?  What tribe of the 12 tribes was he a descendant of?

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Nun is referenced in I Chr 7:27 as the father of Joshua. Nun is shown there to be a descendant of Ephraim, one of the sons of Abraham and the founder of the tribe of Ephraim. All other references are to Joshua, son of Nun. The complete blood line of Ephraim is given in I Chr 7:20 and following. I can not find another reference to Nun in my commentaries.

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We have lots of men in the United States named John. It's a common name which we use last names to differentiate one John from another. In days of old family names were passed down so there were lots of common names. To differentiate one from another, they were identified by their heritage or father's name. In Scripture we are told about Nun only in context of his children but Joshua being such a righteous man, does have a reflection on what kind of Father Nun must have been so then it is only right that when a child is good that the goodness is contributed partly to the Father who raised him and if a child is evil that this also be partially contributed to the neglect his Father gave him. This was in part why the Father's name was used to differentiate one child with the same name as another. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your help.

There is a yalkut Shimoni in Divrai Hayamim 1 perek 7 that says that Nun was from Ephraim. And he was actually the leader of the group of B'nai Ephraim who made a premature Aliyah to Israel and were wiped out by the Egyptians who chased them down. It makes sense that his son Yehoshua should be worthy of finishing the mission that his father started. [An interesting Parallel can be seen from Tzolofchad who accroding to some midrashim was the leader of the maapilim who tried to enter Israel after the sin of the spies and was killed- his daughters - binot tzelophchad are famous for asking for their fathers portion in Israel thereby carrying on the love of their father for the land of Israel- This may be something to take to heart, there seems to be a direct link between the love of israel of a parent and child]

Thank you so much for your help.  I ask bibical questions for a friend, who is a Sunday School teacher and appreciate all answers.   Katie

Nun (pronounced /?n?n/), in the Hebrew Bible, was a man from the Tribe of Ephraim, grandson of Ammihud, son of Elishama, and father of Joshua. (1 Chronicles 7:26-27) He grew up in and may have lived his entire life in the Israelites' Egyptian captivity, where the Egyptians "made life bitter for them with harsh labor at mortar and bricks and with all sorts of tasks in the field." (Exodus 1:14) In Aramaic, "nun" means "fish". Thus the Midrash tells: "[T]he son of him whose name was as the name of a fish would lead them [the Israelites] into the land." (Genesis Rabba 97:3.)

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