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Did zombies exist in biblical times and did they still have stiff necks back then?

Zombies are quite real, however, atheist superstition is not to be considered as atheist superstition is sheer ignorance.

A zombie is a person who has been treated with such as the powdered remains of fugu or pufferfish, that is known to contain batracatoxin.  One Haitian man, Claudius Narcisse, was treated with this vile toxin and was declared dead.  He was pried out of his coffin a few hours after burial.  He worked as a slave on a plantation for two years, as he put it, "In a daze.  I did what I was told and never understood it."

If we look for other examples of zombies among us, we need look no farther than Democrats.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.
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Rocmike are any of your aliases zombies?

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