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Where in the bible does it say to get down on your knees and pray?

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It doesn't. The Bible says other people prayed on their knees, and on their faces, but no where in the Bible are you, the reader or believer, instructed to pray on your knees. At most, you are instructed to "go to your closet" (Mathew 6:6), which, in my opinion, means to be alone with God. People will extrapolate from various verses to come up with their own ideas, but, again, as the Bible tells us, who are we to judge another man's servant (Romans 14:4)? If your prayer life is good, trust the Holy Spirit to tell you what is right and wrong FOR YOU. Do not make the COMMON mistake of taking something the Holy Spirit has put on your heart, and telling others THEY need to follow as well. Pray unceasingly, and trust God for yourself. Hopefully, others will follow your example.

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