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Postum - is there an alternative beverage that can be purchased with the same or nearly same ingredients?

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As far as I know there isn't. I liked postum, I drank it for years and really liked it till I could no longer find it. Maybe you could check with some of the speciality shops that carry unusual items. After I could no longer find my Postum, ( was using it to lower my coffee consumption) I did find a coffee flavored tea that wasn't to bad, but can't find it anymore either. I don't remember who made the Postum, but if you do or have an old container by chance, there should be an address, phone no.,or e-mail address that you could contact the manufacturer and see if they are still making it, where in your area you might find it, or if they could send it to you directly. If you have any luck let the rest of us know, as I'm sure there are others out there who were one time drinkers and would love to find it again as well. And now that you brought the subject up I think I will do a little investigating of my own to see if possibly there is another product possibly made by another company that is similiar to the Postum or if the Postum is possibly still sold in parts of the country that we are not aware of. Sometimes certain products are pulled from the shelves in certain areas if their retail sales aren't up to snuff, (so I have found on various ocassions) or the retailer that carries the product goes out of business and no one picks up the slack, as is what happened in my case. Both grocery outlets that carried it, were basically absorbed by Wal-mart, and no longer cease to exist.  But I think I may give a few of the local store managers a call and see if they can be of any help in locating the Postum or a reasonable facsimile. You never know what you might find out, until you ask. If I find out anything positive I will let you know. So nice to know I'm not the only one who misses their Postum. As a matter of fact we have a very comprehensive Natural Health Food Store right here in my area and they have in the past been able to get me things that no one else in this area carries, so I think I will give them a call in the morning and see if they can help me out once again.

It's ironic that you happened to ask this question, as I again have been looking for a substitute for coffee and had completely forgotten about Postum! Thank you ever so much for reminding me. 

Yesterday's gone and Today is going fast, Tomorrow is all we have, Until it to has passed Band of One

Postum was made by Kraft and they have discontinued making it. I have tried to search the internet for substitutes but haven't any in this area yet (VA). The ones I have searched for are Pero, Roma, Cafix, Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings, and Horlick which is suppose to be found in Asian food markets. Hope this helps you. And I guess we can all beg Kraft to make our Postum again or at least sell the recipe!


I did contact several stores yesterday and found as well that Postum has been discontinued. However the managers I talked to said they have had a lot of negative responses to the discontinuation of the Postum. They said they have received numerous calls from people trying to find it or a substitue just like we are doing. One of the large chain store managers suggested trying to find it on ebay as he read an article (he couldn't remember where) stating that when people found out Kraft was discontinuing it, people started buying it by the cases. He said he doesn't know if some of them might be trying to unload some of it on ebay, but it was worth a try. I didn't have time to check it out last night, but thought I would give it a try later.

However, the lady that runs our local Health Food Store, said she has quite a few people now using the Roma, made by Kelloggs. She read the list of ingredients on the jar and it does sound pretty close to the Postum. So I thought I would give IT a try and see how it compares.

You know maybe if all of us old Postum drinkers contact Kraft and beg them to bring it back, If they get enough e-mails, letters, or phone calls, who knows, they might consider it. The store managers I talked to said they have had several requests for it and can't understand why they discontinued it in the first place. All they can figure is it is not one of their top selling products, regardless of how many people were drinking it, it didn't compare with their other top sellers, so that is why they decided to eliminate it. I guess when you're competing against macroni and cheese and all the other junk food out there, anything healthy looses out. 

Yesterday's gone and Today is going fast, Tomorrow is all we have, Until it to has passed Band of One

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