Which is better, Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

Which is better Cyber Monday or Black Friday? Do you shop online?

Which is better, Cyber Monday or Black Friday?Alamy

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I do all my Christmas shopping on line. All at Amazon where I can find anything I've ever looked for, from Hawaiian shirts to kitchen utensils to Buddhist prayer beads. Anything.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I make a point NEVER to leave the house the day after Thanksgiving or on New Years' Day:

Black Friday will see every lunatic in America heading to the stores, and New Year's Day still has drunken morons cruising the streets able to blow .20 BAL. 

I do all my Christmas shopping during the year.  That way I can get what I want, when I have the money, and not have to run up astronomical debt balances on credit cards.

Our dwindling supply of leftists feel particularly morose, depressed, and hopeless around Christmas. That is all their fault. They feel it acutely because guilt will never leave them alone -- and will be their sole companion for eternity.

I just enjoy Black Friday for my free day. I rarely fall in line anymore for the sales as I do everything online. Just went on www.memoi.com and got myself some great shapewear and legwear at 35% off and called it a day.

For me Black Friday was best, i got more discounts on products. Black friday is best than Cyber monday offer.

I think Black Friday was much better than cyber monday, as it had much better offers and stock than the cyber momonday could offer. Got many good quality things i wanted at reasonable prices.

Cyber Monday huh, never heard of it, thats nice to know.


Depends on what it is I guess. Years ago when gps was expensive I had to run to three diffrent walmarts before I could find one that was still in stock - That sure was worth it to me. But what was even on the NEWS was that you could get a 32 inch HD TV for right around a 100 dollars while that still seems to be to good to be true, and here I am watching blu-ray on an analog TV while I spose that HD is something thats going to have to find me instead.


I used to live in Utah where the liquor stores would close on the day before the Holidays. My pop would drop me off at the bottle shop and go to the spa. The line went clear out into the parking lot while it took me nearly two hours to get his booze while he would be waiting for me by the time I got out - He sure did have it all figured out while I think I would rather take up drinking myself before I stood in line for something thats being sold just as soon as its taken off the grates.

"Go to the Walmarts and find a good book on religions of the world and educate yourself. This way you won't be posting nonsense and untruths online here."


By the way, now that your more out in the public and no longer have that ignore feature you did before you lost them message boards. I'M an un-confirmed preordained minister of the church of jesus christ of the latter day saints. Even though I've never been in that protestant/jewish temple you got out there in Utah, you can still tell all your friends that you now know a mormon who voted for that god damn Obama. It ought to be quite a conversation peice for you.


AOL was kind of like it was on facebook where exppression was perrty much muffeld out in saying anything in favor of Obama, but ever since you met me now you can.

I am an un-confirmed preordained minister of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. That happend on the day I was baptized. Or rather the day I was baptized was the day I became a preordained minister of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, but when they came to my door to confirm me I chose not to be confirmed because I liked having the longer title of rather being an un-confirmed preordained minister of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. People who are not religious don't try to sneak into your churchs, its just that when you protestants come banging on our doors you don't seem to hear or understand when your told one is not religious. There is a price to be paid when you don't beleive in freedom of religion.


People who are not religious get shit on more by people like bones but he tells us that he is Native American while they were shit on them selves. But why do you shit on people? Whats your excuse?

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