Which is the bestest imaginary friend?

Is it the fairy Jesus / mass murdering peeping tom God or is it the pretend prophet Mohammed? Is it Thor or Vishnu?

I think grown mentally mature adults shouldn't need one. What do you think?

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There is only one that voids the need to earn forgiveness, and thus makes all "religion" futile 

Seek the lord while he can still be found, knock and the door will open.

The Lord runs a gulag with Hitchens and Pol Pot inside. Atheists are all cannibals feeding on missionaries and wearing Jesus thongs.

I would say Santa is the best. He gives you presents if you're good but unlike the evil fairy Jesus / God he doesn't condemn you to eternal torture if you're not. Also the Jesus fairy seems to be taken far too seriously for a fictional character.

In the US Mohammed has been a better guy than the Jesus and the jews. All they do is racially profile muslims, when their was around 70 jews from Israel that were caught during 911 in the US that were involved in the 911 attack, the US just let them go and sent them back to Israel. Do a search on it, all it talks about is the jews but the christians were in on the 911 attack as well.

As we see that the god of atheists is mindless hate, then we see how their god runs their lives and why they cannot ever think for themselves.  Atheist games are of course the most simpleminded and bitter that exist. 

The fact that atheists are gullible enough to believe in their silly atheist cult makes these uneducated bigots obnoxious clowns, but certainly nothing more than that.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.

Which is the bestest imaginary friend? Why, Chaplin John of course.

So who's Chaplin John? The first I ever heard of Jerry Falwell was during 911. He's nothing like Jerry Falwell was is he? That Jerry Falwell was that Bush's reverend - A lot of people cheerd when that Jerry Falwell died.


So tell me a little bit about Chaplin John - He doesn't hate people like that Jerry Falwell did does he?


A lot of us are still having nightmares from what was coming out of this Countrys government during 911, while the only nightmare that would have came out of the catholic church during that time would have been the pope, but Spain wouldn't even let the pope step foot in their Country during that time to try to do the samething the protestants were doing in our own Country during 911.


I remember a lot of people feared the devil they didn't know after the pope died and sure enough the new pope used to be a nazi.


Catholics aren't to bad but their popes sound a lot like Bush and his reverend did but catholics just won't even listen to their popes when they get senile. To bad the same can't be said when that Bush and his reverend got just as senile.

What do I think? I think you think too much about something that you think doesn't exist. Does "get a life" mean anything?

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