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What are the benefits of lobbying?

Why do Lobbyists exist?  Every time something fails in Congress or the right decisions are not made in Washington, there is always a connection with Lobbying. Can someone please explain the benefits of lobbying?  I don't vote people in to have lobbyists make changes to the rules.  How is that democratic?

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Lobbying is a tool of the people as much as it speaks for the desires, wants, and problems constituents want the government to act on.


Lobbying is nothing more than interest groups engaging in the political process.  When something good happens, chances are as good it traces to lobbyists as when it is something bad.  Who decides if the results are good or bad by the way?  Just because one person is unhappy and blames lobbyists does not make it a bad legislation.


All American citizens have the right (Obligation) to be involved.  Numbers speak - therefore lobbying is a very effective tool to engage in.  I greatly prefer working with a group so that my small voice becomes a loud one. You can be a part of the “voice” by getting involved in the things that you believe would benefit society.

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