Do You Believe That We Get Signs When Our Loved One Are About To Pass Away?

Let   me  share my experience with you , On Nov 28th , 2004  ..My  Grandmother  went  to church , While  at  church , She  fail  and  broke her hip

She  was  rushed  to the  hospital , Where  she went  through  a  sucessful  hip replacement surgery ..Come   Nov 29th , 2009  She  spiked a fever  and  right  away  pneumonia  set in..When the  family  came  in everyday  to visit  her , She kept   asking   if  it  was   Saturday  yet ..She was  88  years old   But  she  kept  getting worse..She made her Will  2 weeks prior  to this happening, So the hospital  was  not  allowed  to  give her  Antibiotics  according  to  what her  Will  said..So  on  Saturday, December 4th 2004  she passed  away  with  our  family  near her side

But  isn't  it  something  how  our  loved ones can  possibly  give us  signs , Right before  they are  about  to  pass  away ? Do you agree with this  Or  Do  you  find  this  impossible  and just a  conqences?

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Most aged people have a fair idea when their last hour is upon them. They may not even fully realize it consciously, but somehow they just know. The signs they give may not be intentional for that reason.

I am puzzled about 'no antibiotics' after a hip replacement surgery.

Dec 21, 2012

i dont know,,,but i think someone can hold on, if only for a few minutes if they dont want to die,,, my sister-in-law,,, was dying, she asked for the priest, she was weak, and in a lot of pain,, but did not want to die,, while my niece was swabbing out her mouth that was dry,,, she took all her energy and bit the little wooden swab in hafe,,, she was angry i believe,,,, and then she closed her eyes and died,,,

~Hi my mother passed away in March/2007 what I find intriguing is my mom had fell also and hurt her hip anyway cutting a long story short I went to see her the night before her passing after I got off work,we chatted for a bit and I said I'll come see you tommorrow mom everything seem'd fine as I was leaving her hospital room she said "Can you bring me a pair of finger nail clippers." I said sure as I was leaving she suddenly said "Ah don't worry about it I won't need them were I'm going." I found this odd but to be a good son I would bring what she asked for,the next day at 12:30 in the afternoon she passed away I got the call at work so answering your question do I believe that our loved ones give us some sort of hint most definatly.

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