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Do you believe in miracles?

Define miracle? Something that is statistically improbable? If there is a one in a million chance of something, and the event happens a million times, then eventually the unlikely outcome happens. That's not a miracle. A miracle should be defined as something that occurs beyond the bounds of the physical laws of the universe. I have yet to see a person cheat death, fly, walk on water, etc etc etc. People confuse improbable with impossible.

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a miracle - to me, is something that no one believed could ever happen, but did. Where, for example, no one thought or believed a person would ever be able to walk again, or be cured of a disease, and they are. Something we never expect or no one really expects to happen, but does, and there is no explanation for it.


So by your definition President Obama is a miracle? ( a Black president) Every lottery winner is a "miracle". ( never thought it could happen to me).

Medical "miracles" are a bit gray area to me. One, just because someone comes out on stage claiming not to walk, then walks off, are we sure this was real? Do we have an investigation proving the person was crippled? Proving the person walked a day later and it wasn't a massive rush of adrenalin?

I think you are very naive to buy into these miracle healers if that's what you refer to here. They are consistently busted for fraud and if they were true miracles the scientific and medical community would be ALOT more interested.

Does this mean there isn't some inspirational and sometimes unbelievable recoveries that we are at a loss to explain? No, there are those for sure. but what does that means in terms of miracles referring to divine intervention? That God is bountiful and merciful? Well, why that person? You focus only on the one extreme case to present this evidence, and ignore the hundred thousand cases of say, cancer, that came before the miracle, where the child, or someone wonderful loving great person died a horrible death and suffered tragically along the way. What happened the the miracles and divine intervention and glory of God on all those cases? It's a disservice to all the people who died to give glory for the one person that lived as if they were some how magically deemed more important.


I guess I never meant it in that light - more along the lines of - a miracle as being an 'act of faith' and something that happens to the benefit of something or someone - that cannot be explained.

yes, as for all the above factors you mention - those are 'reality' - life is not exactly 'fair' - its a 'testing ground for souls' I believe. And there is much that will never be understood and that can never be explained.

Don Blake Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Just because Chris is an atheist, therefore absolutely irrational, bigoted, hateful, and a compulsive liar, is no reason to endure his racist insults.


All atheists are evil therefore they are the only ones to push drugs on little kids in the name of the Dawkins Society and League of Agnostics.  Since atheists are all neck deep in crime then I want no part of their criminal operation.


Atheists like Mafiosi must deny their crime family does all the eviols that it does but that is the only reason atheists sold out to that vicious cult: easy money. 


No other reason, just that, and only because atheists are so stubborn and lazy that they cannot be motivated to earn any honest livingm which settled the lies of all atheists pure clear and simple.


I think it's clear that fate has no preference to age, faith, personality, soul, intellect, goodness, etc. It's random. Otherwise we could look at the world and say, oh that's peculiar, Christians who go to church every week have a 20% better chance of defeating incurable diseases. That is not the case. There is no case for faith intervening in fate.


May, what about the many bad things that happen that can't be explained? Again, it's a nice thought that there is a divinity that cares about us, but there just is no evidence. For every event you ascribe an act of faith, there are 10 that occur in spite of faith. A billion people praying for something doesn't make it any less or more likely to happen.


Faith exists because we believe in it. No one can understand it. we cannot 'see' or explain or have 'evidence' of it - but this doesn't mean to say it doesn't exist. There is much that cannot be explained - in fact it all comes down to that which we cannot explain nor always understand that in fact shapes what we 'see'. So yes, it does exist, whether we have evidence of it or not. whether it exists or not, it is still there. Yes, there is a Higher Power and Being. One need just to step outside and look at the marvels of nature to realise this.  

‘I learned that the search for God is a Dark Night, that Faith is a Dark Night. And that’s hardly a surprise really, because each day is a dark night. None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, and yet still we go forwards. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.’

Every moment in life is an act of faith.
Faith cannot be explained. It is simply a Dark Night. And all one has to do is to accept it or not.

Faith does not rely on human evidence to exist, it exists despite and in spite of human evidence. But it exists. 

The irony and by the very nature of faith though - is that it won't exist if you don't believe in it - because faith is about 'believing.'  

True, we will never understand the injustices of the world, but this doesn't mean that God or faith do not exist. Life on earth is short and temporary after all. A testing ground for souls. The 'real' and just world - will be the world after death.



it exists in your imagination. True. I think faith is an emotional need by some people who have to believe that they are important in the universe. It's ego driven. We need an imaginary parent caring about us. In child like really. The idea that having faith requires some sort of hardhship, or dark night, is silly. %80 of the world is religious. being honest and admitting we don't know the answers is the minority position that requires the most "bravery". I can fall out my front door and trip over 50 Christians. It's not like some sort of special stance.


well - just because we don't know the answers doesn't mean faith doesn't exist. Yes, we don't know the answers that's true; but faith does exist. Just like the fact that you're alive - I mean who can give life to something or explain that which causes an otherwise lifeless form to have that spark that makes them 'alive' as opposed to 'dead' - this is a miracle and a miracle of faith in and of itself.


Life begins with extremely simple chemical reactions, developing over billions of years into more complex interactions, behaviors and organisms. It's not like people were walking around dead then had "life" sparked in them. That view is incredibly simplistic in the ilk of a magical children's story like Wizard of Oz or something. Things are more complex. And because they are so complex, people look for simple minded explanations, such as an invisible parent. Faith didn't create life. Without life, there was no "faith" in existence. Faith is a function of the emotional brain of an intelligent being that came about after 4 billion years.

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