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What would a female cancer patient like for her birthday

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The one thing she probably feels she doesn't have enough of...time.  Give her your time.

One day I said, 'I will go out & look for my enemies' and on that day I found no friends. The next day I said, 'I will go out & look for my friends' & on that day I found no enemies. ~YeddaHeads~

To stroll around or visit some beautiful places together with the whole family.


I agree. Spend time with her. If she is going through chemotherapy then you could give her a package of goodies for entertainment and comfort. This can include a comfortable pair of pajamas, small electronics, magazines, fuzzy socks or slippers, good books, cute hats and/or accessories (especially if it is cold outside) etc. On the other hand, if she is someone who does not want to be reminded that she is sick then think about her interests or get her something pretty like jewelry or some fashionable clothing to make her feel beautiful. Again, having your love and support is probably what means most to her. I hope this helps. 

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