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There are a lot of acne treatment options to ...

There are a lot of acne treatment options to choose from. However, for maintenance and prevention, it might help to turn to natural remedies as part of the skin care routine. What are effective home remedies for acne? Have you tried any?

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1st,don't pop those pimples, it'll just create more pimples in that area. Next, drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.Use acne creams and eating eggs could help too.please visit this site to get more info:


these are 7 tips which i read in the article by kishore watson

1. If you have redness on your face around a pimple, you can get rid of it by putting some eye drops on a Q-tip and holding it to the pimple for a few seconds.

2. Honey is very good for skin because it has anti-bacterial properties.

3. Toothpaste – yes toothpaste – can make a pimple dry out.

4. Baking soda can be made into a paste with a bit of water. Rub it on your face, let it dry and then rub it off.

5. Garlic is like honey, in that it has antibiotics in it that will heal your acne. It can also fix swelling on your face.

6. Cut a white potato in half and hold it over a pimple for about 10 minutes. This will heal the pimple, reduce the swelling and get rid of redness, then this is one of the best homemade acne treatments at home.

7. Ice cubes are not going to heal a pimple but they are going to reduce redness and swelling so that you can go outside without drawing notice to the acne.

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Acne is the most common skin condition that affects adolescents. It is a result of increased male hormones. Eating healthy, getting regular physical exercise, sleeping well, managing stress and using home remedies regularly are the best ways to treat acne. Here are some good home remedies for acne:

* Honey
* Fresh lime juice
* Tea Tree Oil
* Zinc
* Orange peel
* Rubbing lemon juice
* Garlic
* Natural aloe-vera gel
* Lettuce leaves
* Fresh mint juice

Source: http://www.acne-skin-solutions.com/

Acne is a very common problem nowadays and people waste a lot of money to get rid of it. But a number of people are still unable to do it. Before going out we should deal with this problem at home. The things we use at home as a treatment are less harming. To treat acne at home, many things can be used, one of them is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a very good treatment for acne problem. It can be used daily 2-3 times, apply it directly on face. But it should be used with care. It can leave a stain if it falls on clothes, bed sheets etc. This is one of the safe treatments which can be done by you, saving your money and time.

As some people do not want to take any risk and are very much sensitive about their skin they should go for clindoxyl gel. Benzoyl peroxide is used in it and it has shown very good results in reducing acne problem. Many people have used it and recommend it. But this should be used after having discussed with dermatologist because there are a lot of types of acne like acne conglobata, which is not common type. It creates pockets under the skin, abscesses, papules, atrophic and facial acne scars. Another type is acne maligna which is sort of ulcer-type acne issue. Symptoms of both are similar but the treatment is different. Acne conglobata can be cured by using clindoxyl gel and the other one requires steroid type treatments.




I have 3 years old ance scars on my neck and I an using prescribed remedies for the treatment i.e. Vitamins,  Zinc, Orange peel, Lemon, Coriander and Mint Juice, Fenugreek, Cucumber.

I am also using Clindoxyl Gel as a medicine and both treatment are working great for me. 

If you want to treat your ance scar only with home remedies than I will recommend you using above mentioned remedies and if you want to treat your ance scar with medicine I will recommend you Clindoxyl Gel.

Well In my personal Opinion both treatments are very effective and you should use both treatment. 




Yes! There many home remedies which i can suggest you to get rid of acne-

A lot of people want to know ways of getting a clear skin fast without using any skincare products and treatments since they find the products and treatments expensive. Here is where a natural skin care routine comes in handy as it is not very expensive and it doesn’t have any known side effects. Mentioned below are some remedies to get clear skin.

Lemon juice is known to have exceptional bleaching properties which can lighten marks or scars. Rub half a lemon directly onto the scar. However, if this causes some irritation on the skin, mix cucumber juice along with the lemon juice and then apply it on the scars; after which you can wash it off with cold water. Almond oil is known to be effective in treating scars that are deep and old. For best results use it twice a day.

But you may also go for "Azelex " which is very useful for acne solution as i have experienced from others people.

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