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Cadum soap, while in France last year my wife and ...

cadum soap, while in France last year my wife and I bought a four pack of cadum soap for about 5 euros, it became our favorite but we have not been able to buy any here in the U.S. we life in South Carolina, any ideas on how to purchase some. Thanks Dave

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I just googled the name and could not come up with much of anything!!! it's obviously not sold in the US.......but if you do more 'homework' on Google, maybe you can come up with something!!!!!!!!

What you think about you bring about!!!

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I've always put them in the toe of an old stocking and tied the stocking in a knot. Not only do you use all the soap but the stocking makes for a nice scrubber and easy on the skin. I can't remember when or where I was told this or if I just did it myself but it really works well.

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