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Can bearded dragons make you sick

can bearded dragons make you sick,

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Hi there,

More than 3/4 of reptiles care Salmonella, and Bearded Dragons are no exception. Salmonella in reptiles is contained in the digestive tract, and exits their body with their feces. Touching a reptile's feces, even trace amounts, and then ingesting it can pass the Salmonella on to humans. While usually an unpleasant but not serious illness, the old, the young, and the immune deficient can die from Salmonella. However, there are ways to prevent infection.
First, always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap after touching the lizard and/or his enclosure. Secondly, keep the reptile away from kitchens and dining rooms where food is prepared or eaten.
Thirdly, dispose of lizard feces in the toilet, not the sink or bathtub. Also, do not bathe the lizard in the same place where you will bathe an infant or young child.
With care, transmission of Salmonella from reptile to human can be avoided.
taken from:(http://beardeddragoncaresheet.weebly.com/general-info.)

If you are otherwise healthy then it is very unlikely. All reptiles carry a small amount of salmonella, but only people who are very young, very old, or have weakened immune systems need to worry about it. Care for your pet properly and wash your hands after handling him, you will be fine.



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