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Why are my beans, great northern or navy always tough with chewy skin on outside? I soak "em cook and cook slow so what am I doing wrong?

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One reason may be that you are adding salt. Don't add any salt to the water when you start cooking dried beans as it toughens the skins. Only add salt towards the end of the cooking time.

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I've never had a great northen with a tough skin in my life.  And certainly depends on how you cook your beans are you cooking it on stove top, or using a crock pot.  I personally like to use a crock pot as I like the juice to thicken up.  I put salt pork in my water and let it cook for a hour or two and then depending on how salty the water is if it's not then you need not pour any of it off if it is then pour some off and add some additonal.  I then put the beans lets say this is about 9 in the evening I then let them cook over night some people think they are perfect by morning time I personally like my beans thicker and will usually let them cook until 5pm.  Good luck!

My Granny always said "The only thing I have to do in life is stay black and die" so I guess the rest is cake. Right?

2 things come to mind: 1  the beans are old  2  don't add anything to them except water while they are cooking until nearly done













































Actually, an old southern cook taught me to add a little oil in the water when you first put the beans in. Does the same thing a ham hock does, except it doesn't add seasoning. There's really no reason why adding salt to beans would make them tough, anymore than it does meat. Always presoak and drain the beans, then cook with about a tablespoon full of oil--vegetable oil is just fine.

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