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Beagle Digging Up Grubs

Love your advice on dogs digging but I have a real stumper with my beagle. She is 12 years old and we live on 15.7 acres. Starting last year she started digging up our lawn and eating grubs. We are usually home when she does this. She is an indoor /outdoor dog and has a bed in my room. She is our baby but my husband is getting very upset and we can't understand why this has started. After last summer I thought she had is out of her system but has started doing it again this spring. I would so appreciate any advice, I would hate to put her in a cage. She has always had the freedom to come and go and has been a very wonderful part of our family. Thank you to all for your help!! Janet and Beagle Bobbie Send responses to Jan_432001@yahoo.com

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Check out this website for some helpful info.

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Beagles have a tendency to eat all sorts of strange things. I have had two beagles that were "diggers".   There must be some special smell or flavor in the grubs your dog is eating.... you are not too specific in your question, so I would suggest, if there were any possible way to keep your dog from reaching the particular places where she has been digging, perhaps she would not  feel the urge to dig.   Putting a 12 year old in a cage is not a smart decision and could cause irreversible anguish for your dog.    I don't suggest it.   Have you consulted with your vet about this behavior?    What was different when she stopped digging last year compared as to where she is digging now?    Perhaps she needs more "play time" to keepher entertained and/or distracted? 

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