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BBQ party for 30 people

It's my birthday soon, and I want to invite about 30 of my friends to a BBQ on my parents' back yard. I don't really know how much meat I should buy and what exactly to get. I definitely want steaks and chicken wings because I love those. What else should I get? Hamburgers? Lamb chops? And how much of everything?

There will also be some vegetarians there, any suggestions for them?
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This is what I would get. I would steer clear of the steaks because they are harder to cook and expensive.  If you think about it, most people will either eat 1 or 2 quarter-pound burgers and a hot dog as opposed to a single 12oz steak.  If you want steaks plan on each person who would eat one (12-18) having a single 12oz steak and remove 3lbs of chop meat from your list.

  1. 8lbs chop meat (80% lean)
  2. 12 boca burgers (for the vegetarians)
  3. 48 potato hamburger rolls
  4. 24 hot dogs
  5. 24 potato hot dog rolls
  6. 4lb frozen chicken wings (they can come pre-flavored)
  7. 2-large packs of shredded cheddar (for cheeseburgers, cheese hotdogs)
  8. 24 ears of corn (cut in half after cooked)
  9. A-1 Steak sauce
  10.  BBQ Sauce
  11. Ketchup (Heniz)
  12. Mustard (brown, not yellow)
  13. Relish (small container)
  14. Butter (for the corn)
  15. 2 bags of mixed salad
  16. 2 cans of assorted nuts (vegetarians)
  17. Ranch dressing, Italian dressing
  18.  iced tea mix
  19.  2 gallons of water (for the iced tea)
  20.  24 - 12oz water bottles
  21.  12-pack coke
  22. 12-pack diet coke
  23. 64 canned beers (some bud, some bud light)
  24. 32 bottled beers (imports)
  25. Big bag of tortilla chips
  26. Medium salsa
  27. 2 Big bags of plain chips
  28. Large sour cream dip
  29. potato salad (have someone bring it)
  30. fruit salad (have someone bring it)
  31. 48 - 16oz solo cups
  32. 36 plastic plates
  33. plastic utensils
  34. 1-large pack knapkins

This would be more than adequate, I believe.  Make sure to ask people to bring most of these things, it will reduce the costs dramatically.  However, don't ask them to bring anything that you will need right away (i.e. hamburger meat, beer, etc).

Good luck!  When's the BBQ? 

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Hi There.

 To entertain 30 people, first you will need to calculate the total amount of meat you want. My ratio is usually 300 gramms per person, assuming some eat more, and some less. It is iusually more than enough and leads you to a toal of app. 9 Kg of meat.

 Now the question of how to split:

I'd put at least 3 types of products, to make sure each guest can find something they like. Of course you like wing (me too BTW...) but some like itless and prefer hod dogs...

So my suggestion:

2-3 packages of hot dogs
3 kg of chicken wings (app. 30)
3 kg of hamburgers (app. 30)
3 kg of lambchops (app. 40)

For the vegeterians buy some sticks and hand cut pepper (red & green), onion, tomatos and zukini. Make some 20 sticks they are wonderful on the grill.

I'd also add some 3-4 kg of potatos in the oven, to add something aside to the meat.

 these are my 2 cents... Hope it helps.



Wow, man, thanks! I didn't see this one coming!

It will be in early October, I still don't know exactly when. 

Thanks ophirc, another excellent answer.

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