How to make a bathtub non slip?

My daughter wanted to ask a question on here and see if I could find some help for her. She nearly slipped in her shower yesterday and it scared her pretty bad. I suggested she get a better shower mat but she said she was tired of mats and stickers and wanted me to ask on here if there was any better solution to fix her slippery shower. So my fellow bloggers this is where I could use your help! Lol.

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Hey GeoMartin. Do you know what type of bathtub your daughter has?

I just called her and she said it is an enamel tub. Does this make a difference?

Yes it actually does. For your standard plastic or fiberglass bathtub your possible solutions are pretty limited to bath mats or traction stickers. But for an enamel or porcelain bathtub, there is a fairly new product out which you can use. I came across this company called Johnny Grip about a year ago when I was actually looking for custom-made bathtub traction stickers online as a gift for someone. (Silly I know haha) Their site is Long story short, I ended up buying a bottle of this product and was very happy with what it was able to do for my slippery porcelain tub. It creates increased traction on the actual tub floor itself so I haven’t had to use mats or stickers since! I hope this helps your daughter out!

Wow, Thanks for your in depth response and help JenniferCutie44! I'll pass this information along to my little girl!

Anytime GeoMartin; I’m glad I could help.




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