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Bass Fishing

What state holds the best bass fishing?

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I would think Minnesota.

All I ask is you respect me and my feelings

Lake Fork, Texas is the best Bass Fishing in the United States

All I ask is you respect me and my feelings

Minnesota and Texas are okay, but so are Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arkansas. The best bass fishing is however in California. The Escondido, California area to be exact. Now you ask why, and those who said other states bark at their computers and call me names. The state of California has stocked the lakes around Escondido with Bass for a while. So one day they decide to make fishing better, and added some stocker Trout to the same lakes. Guess what? Bass love Trout and the small stockers were bite sized treats for the Bass who had already been growing for years. Trout contain a large amount of fat that made the Bass grow fat in very short order. As the state added more Trout the Bass just continues to get fatter. By the time they found out that the Trout were being eaten as quickly as they were stocking them, the state had created monster sized Bass. The Bass in these area lakes are overall the heftiest Bass to be found anywhere. The record bass ever caught was in 1932 in Georgia, which wasn't een mentioned as a possibility, but a California man caught an even bigger one in one of the Escondido area lakes in 2006. That record in Georgia was a 22 LB 4 OZ pig. The even bigger one in California was 25 LB  1.6 OZ. The California fish was never registered as the record because it was not "legally" caught. It had been snagged instead of mouth caught, so the fisherman threw the fish back in so he might catch it again at a later date and set the record legally. Why not, tis was actually the second time he had caught the fish. The first time it weighed over the 24 -4, but while waiting for the
"official" weighing team to show up it lost weight due to stress and shrunk to 23 LB 11 OZ. So he threw it back that time too. He never caught it the third time though because it died naturally and was found floating on the lake surface. How did he know it was the same fish each time you ask? It had a black spot on the underside like a birth mark. The guy named the fish "Dotty" because of the black dot. So back to your original question - California has those lakes with the giant Bass waiting to be caught.  

I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.

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