Barney Frank Rips Reporter

Why did Barney Frank get so upset ?|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link4|h

Democrats sure get upset when someone figures them out.

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Hi AShoofly,

Sorry I have not been responding for a few days, but I have been very busy.

All politicians get upset when confronted with the truth; it is just some maintain their composure. Unfortunately Barney Frank is not one of those. He got upset on the report he recieved on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He seen nothing in the report that proved they where failing, yep he was upset with that report. He was upset with the reporter because she stated the truth and he knows it.

Look how one of Coakly's aids reacted to a reporter, he pushed the guy and made him fall to the ground; wasn't that kind of stupid?

For God and family For my country For Americans

Upon joining the House of Representatives, Frank developed a reputation for consistently voting to slash funding for the CIA, the FBI, and the U.S. military. He alsoadvocated the loosening of immigration-law exclusions that previously had served to prevent people holding totalitarian or anti-American ideologies from entering the country, and to facilitate the deportation of legal aliens who had caused unrest or engaged in subversive activities on American soil. Frank derisively categorized such exclusions as "relics of the McCarthy era" and as manifestations of "the anti-gay, anti-free-speech McCarthyite hangover." (In fact, ideological exclusions originated from the Alien Registration Act of 1940, signed into law by President Roosevelt as a national security measure on the eve of World War II.)


James R. Edwards of the Hudson Institute sums up the overall effect of Frank's elimination of ideological exclusion from immigration policy:

"History teaches that foreign ideologues have long sought to promote their beliefs and advance their causes on American soil. Alien subversives have spied, spread propaganda and stolen state and industrial secrets. Foreign anarchists, communists and other radicals have sought to make converts, raise funds, organize followers and otherwise exploit American freedoms.... In short, the 1990 Immigration Act's revision of exclusion grounds ... made it much easier for aliens who hold radical, dangerous, anti-American or subversive political beliefs to enter and remain in the United States. This perversion of the First Amendment means the guy who preaches hatred, pollutes hearts and minds, steeps persuadable people in reasons to harm Americans and wage war from within against America ... gets a free pass."

In January 2000, while Frank was a member of the House Subcommittee on Immigration Claims, terrorism expert Steven Emerson appeared before that Subcommittee andgave detailed testimony about the threat posed by the many foreign Islamic radicals who were entering the U.S. each year.

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by Islamic radicals, the Patriot Act became law and Congressman Frank's ideological exclusion amendment was effectively suspended; visa laws were significantly tightened and the enforcement of immigration laws was increased. Frank did not approve of these changes. "When 3,000 Americans were murdered by illegal immigrant terrorists on September 11," he said, "that was the end of rational immigration policy in the United States."

Sex Scandal:

In 1987 Frank publicly announced that he was a homosexual. Three years later the House of Representatives, acting on the recommendation of the House Ethics Committee, voted by a 408-18 margin to reprimand the congressman for having "reflected discredit upon the House." At issue was the fact that Frank had paid for sex from a male prostitute named Steve Gobie, whom he subsequently hired as a personal "aide." Frank also had paid for Gobie's psychiatric treatments; had used his political influence to dismiss 33 parking tickets which the prostitute had been issued; and had written, on congressional stationery, letters on Gobie's behalf to Virginia probation officials. Gobie, for his part, had used Frank's Capitol Hill apartment as a house of prostitution for 18 months. The congressman later claimed that he had been unaware of Gobie's illegal activities inside the apartment, and that he had fired the aide upon learning of them.

Reflecting later on the nature of his relationship with Gobie, Frank characterized himself as an unwitting "good liberal" who had gotten "suckered" and "victimized" while "trying to help" the young sex worker. "Thinking I was going to be Henry Higgins and trying to turn him into Pygmalion was the biggest mistake I've made," Frank said at a news conference. In a 2004 retrospective discussion about the Gobie affair, Frank accused Republicans and conservative media outlets of "plotting to ruin my social life," and suggested that he, like the sex-scandal-plagued former President Bill Clinton, was fighting a "fundamental battle for the soul of America."

Barney "Elmer Fudd" Franks is one of those who's entire explanation on any subject is circular logic leading to "it's Bush's fault". Franks and his fellow liberals get ticked every time someone asks them a question they can't answer, and that's a lot of questions.

First, it's due to arrogance. They believe that they are "above" such criticism. Remember what Barbara "Her Congressional Majesty" Boxer said to an admiral who politely addressed her as "ma'am"? She told him in icy tones to address her as congresswoman. Right now, the liberals are super ticked that America is rejecting their "gift" of healthcare. They see us as ungrateful peons who don't know what we want. That's the elitist liberal for you.

They also don't believe you, the american people, understand the word socialism. I hear that constantly. Isn't that also an arrogant way of looking at us?

Let's just vote them all out of office so that they can become the common people they scorn.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">The Shadow Knows</a> Sympathy for the guilty is treason to the innocent.

You better watch frank is a tweety pie

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

ok SHoofly   is this better

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

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