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What are Barack Obama's Chicago mob connections"

What are Barack Obama's Chicago mob connections"

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Sorry, I'm not from Chicago so I don't have an answer for you.

To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.


you people know how to GOOGLE dont you? google 'obama chicago mafia'. if obama becomes our next president, it will be the most corrupt presidency in the history of this country.use your common sense and think.CHICAGO IS AS FAMOUS FOR A CORRUPT POLITICAL MACHINE AS IT IS FOR being the 'WINDY CITY'. antoin rezko arranged a purchase for obama's home. obama admitted it. dont you think someone wants something from obama for that? you and i have togo to the bank to buy a house. REZKO IS IN PRISON W/A CONTRACT ON HIM - he is telling what he knows. GOOGLE rezko. obama's buddy..check out John DiFronzo while you are at it. he will be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. Patrick Fitzgerald- PLZ hurry UP

more about OBAMA and his BUDDIES IN CHICAGO--- banker to the mob ALEXI GIANNOULIAS

ALEXI GIANNOULIAS has been dogged by charges that HIS FAMILY BANK helped finance Chicago MAFIA figures. He hosted more than one fund-raiser for Obama. ALEXI became Ill. state treasurer after Obama vouched for him. ALEXI has raised millions for OBAMA. Giannoulias bankrolled MAFIA MADE MAN, Michael “Jaws” Giorango, a 2X convicted THUG of bookmaking and promoting prostitution.Giannoulias is SO TAINTED by mob links, that MANY Ill. Dems, including state’s speaker of the House party chairman, refused to endorse him even AFTER he won the Demo nomination w/ Obama's help. WHAT BANK DOES OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN USE? GUESS. WHAT BANK DO MAFIA ELITE USE? GUESS. WHAT IS REZKO SINGING ABOUT BEHIND BARS? GUESS.

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