Is Barack Obama really a Spy for the Communists?

Is Barack Obama really a spy?  For the Communists, or for the CIA?  To bring us into a Police State?  A "Sister" Communism subjugated to Russia & Red China?  Have our top conservative leaders already been killed off in an assassination agenda going back to MLK and JFK?  Answer at www.rickhyatt.freeserver.somc

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The answer is NO..and you need to get a life.

There are only a handful of discredited communists left on the planet, and they have lost more ground than they want to admit.  We still have our problems with Obamites whose god has feet of clay, but we have already seen these golden idols tarnish.

Who can tell what furious former Obamite will decide that his god Obama lied to him severely, and then, the immutable laws of moral outrage take their proper effect?  When it happens, and there will be many attempts, it will be a very sad day for America because that villain will be the next martyr with a holiday named after him.

It will be even sadder that a Chief Executive will have failed his nation so severely that most Americans (many of them FORMER Obamites) will consider it good riddance.  That will be a sorely grievous dishonor, yet it will prove that America knows how to clean house one way or another.

It will be more to our credit that we relieve ourselves of that sour liability by appropriate lawful means, as we did a disloyal misfit named Carter and yet another disloyal misfit named Clinton.

So far, the Democrats are batting 1,000: all to the just plain rotten.


Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

Cool Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

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I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

we need to look at and embrace our countrys foundation!!


Revealed: Friendly Neighborhood Communists Also Have Game Night


We’ve already brought you glimpses of your friendly neighborhood communists (watch them introduce themselves here). In sum, they want you know they’re just like you and I (minus the slaughter of millions, of course). Now, the New York Times is making sure you know some other things about your communist neighbors: they smile and have game night, too.
“[A]t the Brecht Forum, a community center on West Street [in New York City] where revolutionaries and radicals gather daily to ponder and to pontificate, they also play. (Smiles abound),” the Times writes in a recent piece. Amid conversations about labor theory and worker exploitation, the article says, “there is also the monthly Game Night, when regulars put down their copies of ‘Das Kapital’ [Karl Marx's manifesto] and immerse themselves in table tennis, foosball and a complicated Marxist version of Monopoly called, appropriately, Class Struggle.”

What is “Class Struggle” all about? Naturally, revolution. The game’s description explains:

“Class Struggle” reflects the real struggle between the classes in our society. THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO WIN THE REVOLUTION . . . ULTIMATELY. Until then, classes—represented by different players—advance around the board, making and breaking alliances, and picking up strengths and weaknesses that determine the outcome of the elections and general strikes which occur along the way.

Like your other friendly neighborhood communists, Brecht Forum regulars are also pretty normal folks. They get together, talk, have speakers, and sometimes oh, you know, “conspire”:

The Brecht Forum began in 1975 as the New York Marxist School. It is named after long-time Marxist and German playwright Bertold Brecht, who once wrote “MUTTER COURAGE UND IHRE KINDER,” which one biography calls “an attempt to demonstrate that greedy small entrepreneurs make devastating wars possible.”

Its website describes the forum as “a place for people who are working for social justice, equality and a new culture that puts human needs first.”

In between rounds of “Class Struggle” the forum does find time to invite guests to speak, such as this gentleman, who likes to call Glenn Beck a “fascist whore”:

Yup, just like you and me.

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

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