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If i filed chapter 13,with credit card ,medical ...

If i filed chapter 13,with credit card ,medical bills and first mortgage with the intented to wipe out the second mortgage and the second mortgage was not approved, then can i file a chapter 7 on all the debt except except the two mortgages in hopes to modifiy the mortgages

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Yes. My mother just went through the same thing.

Chapter 13 bk is designed to pay back all of your debts over time. You can take a 13 and turn it into a 7 and that  will wipe all your debt clean. To keep your mortgages you would need to re-afirm them in the chapter 7 filing wich will allow you to keep your house. There is not a way to get rid of the second without loosing the house as the have a lien its just second to the first. I have also filed bk but it was a 7 and prior to the changing to the law. Im not 100% sure but if you have an attorney he should be able to answer you if not the trustee will surley know. Ihope this helps some.

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With Chapter 13, you need to check with an attorney regarding chapter 7 in your state. However when you file chapter 7, you file on everything, then you can ask the court to keep the house out of it ( there is a term for it) just remembered "reaffirm", most of the time the judge will allow it. And yes we can help modify. if I can get a financial worksheet drawn up on you before you file for chapter 7, as if you have a lot of surplus left over, after the BK you will not qualify for the modification. I can be reached at 1-800-557-1467 ext 4.

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I would say yes. Make sure you are not behind on your mortgages and value your home on your schedule A above the mortgages, by no more than the exemption amount in your state.

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