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Visa for Egypt

I am from Nigeria but now live in the uk.... I would like to go to Egypt with my wife on holiday do i need a visa or can i get one on entry.
  Posted 6 years ago about " Egypt Entry Requirements, Visas and Passports "



Can I secure my invention by mailing myself the idea in a sealed envelope?
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Christmas Music

Are you serious about Christmas Music. It's Nov. 20th, not even Thanksgiving. Time to look for another station.
  Posted 4 hours ago .


How to remove vosteran chrome?

how to remove vosteran chrome?
  Posted 6 days ago .


Whic are the most well known female surgeons to ...

whic are the most well known female surgeons to perform castrations surgeries? also tell me details about the prosedure fo the surgery , way of anestesia ,duration and position of ...
  Posted 35 minutes ago .