Will you Ban Plastic Bags or Use Them Wisely?

Cities in a number of Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan, are currently on the warpath against plastic shopping bags.
The cities have passed local laws that ban such bags, on the basis that they clog sewers and drainage canals, cause street flooding, choke animals, and are responsible for other forms of environmental damage.

Will you agree to ban plastic bags?or just utilize them wisely instead.No matter what you hold,you could look thought advisable tips on below page:


in which you might as well refer to enlarge your knowledge about plastic bags. 

Will you Ban Plastic Bags or Use Them Wisely?

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I will ban them as they are not good for the environment and can effect our health also.So I will prefer not using them and prefer others also not to use.

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It is good they are banned or starting this. The world needs to be preserved. People will always waste no matter how good you or some groups are, the majority will be wasteful or lazy.  If you can buy a t-shirt you should be able to buy a cotton or linen grocery sack.

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Adam Conant -- I recently saw  a documentary on Netflex called "Bag It".  I was heartbroken at how these plastic bags are being eaten by sea life and dying, ducks swimmings in dirt and how they get caught in nets making them useless in the water and dying. 

I decided right then that I will use canvas bags on my shopping trips instead of using plastic bags.  I went out, bought one and started using it the very next day.  I called my daughter, told her about the movie and she went out and bought a canvas bag to use during her shopping trips. 

But I still have a problem.  I use a lot of plastic bags because I have two cats and when I clean out their box I put the dirty litter in the bags to throw out.  Now I am thinking of buying brown bags to throw out the cat litter.  Hope it works.

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I would like to ban Plastic Bags as a whole because they may not be disposed off in a wise manner after their work life gets over. Eco-Friendly bags made of Cotton or Jute have a longer service life & are also easy to destroy.

Go Green to save our Earth

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of course, it was a great help for our environment. really good to know that you are concern with our environment.

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