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Can baking soda hurt a rabbit if ingested?????

hi im about tp pass out with fear!!! Can baking soda hurt a rabbit if ingested???????   PLEASE ANSWER ME ASAP SOMBODY!!!!

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depends on how much baking soda...how was it ingested?  baking soda is a salt of course, too much salt will not be a good thing, but rabbits and other critters like and need salt

God bless u for answering so fast! Well, i had a lil box in a corner of my room on the floor behind a barricade of stuff (which was really F!UJJKIn stupid!!!) & my bunny must have got behind the barricade because i found the box splattered about & a few wires chewed..dunno how or IF she ingested any,,im jus paranoid wondering if she did..

I hope this is a reply to your reply about your rabbit:)...anyway rabbits are rodents, and they chew almost anything, try to keep her/him in something wire, with plenty of bedding,water and food...rabbit food (from a feed store) and keep them cool, they cannot stand heat, hope you are both OK

no u will be  k  a little baking soda   no soda.

i think no you realy just love youre rabbit

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My landlord has just informed me that he thinks I killed his rabbits Sealed (accidentally, of course) by sprinkling a little baking soda around my doorway to keep slugs from entering the house. I only did it because I'd read in so many places that baking soda is safe and nontoxic for pets. Not true, I'm discovering. Although the rabbits (three young ones, still probably to be described as bunnies) may or may not have died from ingesting baking soda, I've just in the last five minutes run into a post on the internet concerning the dangers of baking soda or baking powder on pets; specifically, that it is an emetic, which means it creates gas in the stomach (heck, I take some now and then just to settle my stomach, which incidentally gives me a satisfying burp). Gas in the stomach doesn't seem so bad until you read that some animals apparently not only cannot burp, they can't regurgitate, either. Which apparently (I'm just now getting this in sketchy mentions from elsewhere on the internet) can be life threatening.

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