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When will Baker Steven Lucas of Tyler Texas be released from prison?

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hopefully never. He was and always will be a greedy selfish person

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Do you know what to do for a person that lost his date of release?

Ask the athuroties they have recordes of such things. It is very difficult to loose such a thing. You can also find it online if you know the right facility. Use these links .

How can i find out if allen brown is still in federal prison for free?

The Bureau of Prisons web page has a search http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp

What does t.r.u and other initials stand for

W.S.R.U. is Washington State Reformatory Unit. S.O.U is Special Offender Unit (mental illness). T.R.U. is Twin Rivers Unit. M.S.U. is Minimum Security Unit. I.M.U. is Intensive Management Unit.

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I wonder the same and can my Gordo wear a wedding band?