Bad taste in back of my throat.(Sinus Drainage)

Bad taste in back of my throat.

Sometimes even when i swollow my own saliva or drink water,this taste comes.

Somepeople says it may be sinus drainage.

If so ,How to cure it. 



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The mouth contains around 10 thousands taste buds all over, even in the back of the throat. Every taste bud detects five primary tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, umami (salts of certain acids). All tastes come from a combination of these basic taste sensations.

You might have damaged your taste buds, due to smoking, or have a vitamin or mineral deficiency (B-12 or zinc). But there is a third possibility, which has to do with a sinus drainage: most of what people perceive as taste is due to their ability to smell. So even if your taste buds are working well, your sense of taste may be impaired if you have a cold, nasal infection, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or nasal polyps.

Mika said something that had occurred to me: taste and smell are related.  It seems reasonable to think that something that affects one sense would also affect the other.  And the sinuses are near both the nose and mouth.

Hopefully, you can visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist.  This kind of doctor might give you a more definitive answer.

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sinuses can do this - so can chronic dental infection or chronic infection in and around the tonsil area

 check with your dentist first and then with a doctor if you still have concerns

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I have been experiencing the same problems! I have 3 kids and a very demanding job! I do not have any time to go to the doc's. I have had these same symptoms for weeks now. They came out of no where, and I have no previous medical difficulties. You are the only entry anywhere I've found w/ similar symptoms. Have you had any resolution, leads, insight, and/or answers at all?

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!


I have been having an issue with this as well, only I find that everytime I eat or drink anything at all this weird drainage comes about and it is making me nervous.  want to say that it is a feeling but it' s more of a taste like bitter or something and it came from out of the blue. Has anyone found out what this could possibly be yet?

It's a combination of the taste of thick mucous and a raw throat from the sinus drainage. Since the flow of mucus runs down the back of the throat, all one can really do is keep their head up (both figuratively and literally). I find that when I am going through sinus drainage, keeping a good posture (the bottom of my nose parallel with the ground) will aid in the mucousal flow, keeping it from giving me such a sore throat and reducing the length of time it takes to be done and over with.

 It also helps to maintain humid conditions in your bedroom to keep your throat and nose from drying out as they empty the excess mucous.

I have this same thing happens to me frequently. When I wake up in the morning, I am thirsty so I grab a bottle of spring water and chug it. Next thing I know, I have this overwhelming taste of blood in my throat. I do have a problem with my sinuses as well but never connected the two together. I always get worried thinking it is something serious and life threatening.

i had this same problem. I went to my doctor and it's called PNS (post-nasal drip). and is most easily cured with a doctor proscribed steroids. Hot water really helps too.

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