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Bad Odor From Nose

I have a very bad odor coming from my nose. It smells like poop.  I have seen my doctor who sent me to a ENT Specialist. The ENT Specialist couldn't find much more than a sinus infection and gave me a nasal spray which didn't work. He then prescribed prednisone, it didn't work. I went back to my primary care, who prescribed amoxicillin, it dosen't work. The smell is still there and no one seems to know what it is. And I've noticed that when I eat meat the smell gets worse. I can smell it right after I swallow. There is a popping sensation in my nose so I do think I have a sinus infection but I also think there is something else wrong as well. I've had two steroid's and one antibiotic and still no relief. I don't know what to do. No one can seem to figure out where this smell is coming from.  I've had an upper GI done which showed I had no stomache problems.  A colonoscopy to ensure that there is nothing wrong with my bowels and there is no blockage.  And I've been to the dentist who assured me that the smell is not coming from any of my teeth.  I just don't know where to go from here.

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Have you tried nasal irrigation using a neti pot? That might give you some relief especially if you use it as part of a daily/nightly routine. Run a search on "atrophic rhinitis". I'll bet that this is the answer you are looking for. In this condition microorganisms cause the odor and there are ways to clear them and prevent them from recurring. A good doctor should be able to quickly diagnose this. Find another ENT and get her/him to try the simplest cures first b/c this may resolve completely in middle age. Best of luck Liz

I have exactly the same problem and even my doctor doesn't know what it is since all the test i took come negative. I have a very bad smell coming from my nose.  the odor smell so bad like a rotten egg and i can not get close to anybody. I m so ashamed of myself. I dont know what to do.

what is neti pot? can you expain more? i m so impatient to get a solution for my problem (bad smell coming from my nose).

A neti pot looks like a tiny tea pot.  At first you might think that it is a bizarre idea because you tilt your head and pour a saltwater solution from the pot, into one nostril and let it flow out of the other nostril - but with very little practice it becomes simple, soothing and not at all unpleasant.  Here are a few links that should help.




As for atrophic rhinitis (if that is what you have), here are a few links:




If you think this is what you have you might print one of these and give it to your doctor to review - particularly one that gives a list of possible treatments.  I'd suggest that you try the nasal irrigation for awhile before your next doctor's visit so that you can let her/him know if this gives you any relief.

I broke my nose and I am still having a lot of trouble with it.I to had that smell in my nose,and I went to see all kinds of specialists.The ent I went to found out that I had a staff infection in my nose.I had to have this medicine called Bactroban Nasal Mupirocin Calcium Ointment 2%.I had to put it in my nose,plus I was on an antibiotic.If I were you I would suggest this to the ent,it is possible that you have a staff infection to.A staff infection is nothing to mess with .Trust me,I'm just trying to help.

Obviously this is a significant problem for you.  You might consider going to a board certified allergist to see if you are allergic and this is the cause of the ongoing drainage.  I have to assume from your description that you have had CT scans of the sinuses, including views of the tonsils and adenoids (adenoids).  They would be the first step to determine a possible infection that is the source of the problem.

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I have the same problem.. I have had the smell for about 6 months but a sinus issue going on for over a year. No one understands...ENT states a spetum problem, operation may correct it.. Help

i think the problem is not from you nose becaus i have the same problem and i did a surgery in my nose but with no result.

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