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What are all the symptoms of bad circulation

what are all the symptoms of

bad circulation


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While I am no doctor I have heard before that some of the symptoms of poor blood circulation might be legs or feet falling to sleep, cramping of buttocks or legs, pain or swelling of legs, low temperature in hands and legs. In any case if you are at all worried go see a doctor..There is more information in this link:



Here is an

article that will help you to determine whether you have bad circulation, offering many of the well-known symptoms.  I hope this helps.
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The following is taken from the young jerk website..


  Causes of Circulation ProblemsBad Circulation due to Atherosclerosis

The most prevalent manifestation of bad circulation is atherosclerosis which is caused by the blocking of the arteries. As you know the arteries are the blood vessels which carry the blood to the extremities. Factors heavily implicated in numerous scientific studies are milk, carbohydrates, stress and smoking. These factors cause the arteries to harden through the formation of plaque deposits, increasing blood pressure, and the heart has to pump harder to maintain blood flow. Eventually the heart has to work too hard as the arteries constrict to nothing, resulting in a heart attack. Symptoms of poor circulation are skin color - extremes of red and white, sores and rashes which won't heal, cold extremites, pins and needles and numbness and muscular pain after walking some distance.

Venous Insufficiency, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Varicose Veins and Phlebitis

Circulatory problems due to blocked arteries can be treated safely with the natural supplements mentioned above. Yet that is not the whole story, because once the blood reaches the extremities, it is still possible for the blood to pool in the legs for example. There are valves at intervals in the veins which make sure that the blood returns to the heart. Basically during exercise this system acts similar to a primitive kerosene pump. It follows that sitting or standing for long hours can cause the blood to pool in the legs leading to lack of proper circulation. In general chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins and phlebitis which is swelling and infammation leading to blood clots have one thing in common. They are all improved by reversing atherosclerosis. In other words improve poor circulation using the many wonderful supplements listed above, and through a major change in lifestyle and diet.

i went to the doctors about a pain i had in my left leg the pain goes from my buttock down to my foot and is agony at times its mainly when i am sitting not to bad when iam on the go i know my circulation is not good but how would i know if it was my circulation causing this problem i had an x ray this week but not had results yet

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Poor circulation (ischemia) might lead to a feet ulcer. One of the symptoms of feet ulcer is brown color of the skin. Please consult a dermatologist about that problem.

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Hi, You have to consult your G.P. There could be several possible reasons to those symptoms: Blood circulation, Nerves problems, blood pressure, etc. Please, don't neglect it ! - the sooner you find the reason the better it is. Best regards,

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