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Babysitting laws in texas

how old does a child have to be to babysit a sibling at home alone in the state of texas

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Babysitting is a popular for young teens to earn extra money while getting a taste of entrepreneurship.

Under the Texas babysitting laws, there is no minimum age to start babysitting. In many areas, teens as young as 11 baby sit. In general, younger teens should start by caring for siblings, or for one child who is between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. Gradually, increase the number of children and expand the ages cared for.

While most experts recommend that youngsters under 13 not be left alone with children, keeping the kids busy while their mom relaxes another part of the house is a great way to build experience.  Most experts agree that the younger the child to be cared for, the older the sitter should be. Beware of hiring a sitter who is too close in age to the child, however. A 12-year-old may not be able to exert authority over a 10-year-old.  If baby sitting is going to be a full time daily activity, from 8 to 5, then anyone over the age of 18 should be able to baby sit.

The City of College Station Texas, home of Texas A&M, offers a number of tips for new babysitters. Take your babysitting responsibility seriously. Part of that responsibility is protecting yourself as well as the children you will be taking care of. Know your employer before you take the job. Check the parent’s references before accepting the job. Arrange your own transportation. Give your parents a code word you can use if you are in a bad situation and need them to come pick you up ASAP.

Before accepting the job, get specific instructions about the number and ages of children, bed times, foods, medicines, and other information about personal habits and what is expected of you. Never give a child any medication unless the parent has approved it in advance.

Babysitter certification classes are not required under the Texas babysitting laws, but they are a good idea. When you accept a job, arrive early to confirm all of this information and get any additional instructions. Learning first aid procedures before you take on babysitting jobs will help prepare you for emergencies and may save a life. Both the American Red Cross and the Girl Scouts offer classes across the state.

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