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Does baby acne itch?

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It definitely can.  Some sort of anti-irritation or anti-itch cream will help a lot.

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NO baby acne does not itch.. it actually bothers the mother more than the baby.. the other user misinformed you.. baby acne just proves the baby has healthy pores which is a normal process of a baby's life.. my child had it and the doc saw no concern to give her any type of anti itch or any ointment for that matter.. do not pick at them!.. they will eventually go away as the baby's skin adjust to the environment around him or her.. please do not use any ointment or anti itch cream.. it is not necessary to use.. once again the baby acne bothers the parents more than the baby.. it is not itchy to the baby or bothersome.. any more concerns talk to your peditrican they will explain about baby acne..

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yes it can.

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