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In AZ, how do I leagly declare my child to be incorrigible and what are the consequenses of doing so? I can't take anymore.

In AZ, how do I leagly declare my child to be incorrigible and what are the consequenses of doing so?        I can't take anymore.

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You don't, the courts do and often the parents are held accountable for their child's behavior. 

To declare a minor incorrigible, means that the minor is "incapable of being corrected."  Usually that will be the judgment of a Superior Court, after the juvenile's second similar felony.  Any subsequent offenses will be tried as an adult.

California and Texas both have juvenile offender statutes.  Other states may or may not have these statutes.

To be adjudged incorrigible, a minor must have demonstrated a complete or near complete disregard for the rules of society, antisocial or other personality disorder, and must have shown several other tendencies to such a degree that the minor is adjudged incapable of correction.

Complaints from parents that a minor is such a threat to the family that placement in a correctional program is appropriate will generate a visit from a social worker and possibly a police officer.  The minor may then be taken in custody if the parent signs the proper documents.

The minor will then undergo psychological evaluation and may be placed as a ward of the court in the care of an institution suitable for the minor's care and correction.

This is an admission on the part of the parents that they have failed the child as much as the child has failed the parents.  This is quite often the turning point for juvenile offenders as juvenile detention has the resources to turn a disorderly teenager around.



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if a child has really become incorrigible ,you should ask a visit by a social worker or a authorized person to assure that the child really is incorrigible ,if they also see and believe then only further steps should be taken.


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